David Lynch, Owner & Wine Director

David Lynch Sommelier

In 2012, sommelier and author David Lynch added a new title to his résumé: restaurateur. St. Vincent is his first venture, and while the restaurant and shop feature great wines from all over the world, Italy remains his first love: his award-winning book, Vino Italiano (Potter; 2002) remains the reference of choice for Italian wine lovers. David is also a Contributing Editor at Bon Appétit, where his “Wine Insider” column appears regularly.

David was previously the Wine Director of San Francisco’s Michelin-starred Quince and its more casual sibling, Cotogna, and was featured on the cover of San Francisco Magazine in August 2011 as the magazine’s “Wine Director of the Year.”

Prior to his arrival in California in 2009, David was the longtime Wine Director, then GM, of New York’s famed Babbo Ristorante — the flagship restaurant of Mario Batali and Joseph Bastianich’s B&B Hospitality Group. During his tenure, he grew Babbo’s wine program into one of the nation’s best, winning a 2004 James Beard Restaurant Award for Outstanding Wine Service. It was David’s collaboration with Bastianich on Vino Italiano that led to his joining the team at Babbo; previously he had been a magazine writer and a Senior Editor at Wine & Spiritsmagazine, where he won a James Beard Journalism Award for his writing. Having remained active as a journalist throughout his restaurant career, David’s writing has been seen not only in Bon Appétit but GQ, Food & Wine and many other publications. His second book with Bastianich, Vino Italiano Buying Guide, was revised and re-released in 2008, the same year that he released the satirical Wine Snob’s Dictionary (co-authored with Vanity Fair scribe David Kamp and published by Broadway Books).

In the Kitchen

At the beginning of October 2014, St. Vincent welcomed a new kitchen team: Two friends with lengthy resumes who'd begun a successful pop-up dinner series called "The Other Guys." Each brings a wealth of experience and passion to SV, evolving the restaurant's hearty "American tavern" fare.

John Thurmond

John grew up in east Tennessee and moved to San Francisco a decade ago. Having spent several years travelling the US working with farms and restaurants from upstate New York through California, John's expansive farm knowledge of raising vegetables and livestock gives him a profound understanding of what it really means to feed people.


Nathan Holden

Nathan Holden was born in the Mission district of San Francisco. He spent time cooking in France as well as a multitude of notable restaurants across California. Nathan shares his family's ethusiasm as adventurous eaters, and discovering new foods has always been a passion for him. This energy is echoed in his approach to food, where emphasis is placed on simplicity and defined flavors.


About St Vincent 

St Vincent is named for St Vincent of Saragossa, a 3rd Century Spanish deacon who was the Patron Saint of Vintners. His legend is especially profound in Burgundy, France, where and annual wine festival is held each January in his honor.

We were contacted by Brooklyn-based filmmaker Marcarthur Barally, who made this documentary about this annual festival, known as the 'St-Vincent Tournante.' Check out his great film here: